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Hello! We are so glad that you are here.

We would like to welcome you to the University that will take you everywhere, from the comfort of your own computer.

Our purpose

The Florida Global University delivers courses comprising bachelors and masters degree programs. Graduates will be able to develop their careers in both private and public organizations based on the skills, knowledge and abilities acquired from their educational experiences here.

Some of the means by which FGU fulfills its commitment to the students:

  • FGU prepares students for lifelong learning, pursuing leadership roles in the business world, and serving as leaders by example
  • FGU employs updated instruction and student service technologies, including computer-based instruction, cutting-edge teaching techniques, and the World Wide Web
  • FGU offers credit courses, non-credit courses, and degree programs at the undergraduate and graduate degree levels
  • FGU hires international experts to create courses and curricula
  • FGU provides students with academic advising and individual counseling to assist them evaluate their potential to achieve further educational and career development goals
  • FGU designs and develops educational programs based on current theory and practice
Florida Global University


The Florida Global University is owned by GPM Educational Services LLC. Its Board of Directors provides the University with a business and education perspective.