Undergraduate ProgramsBachelors

The careers offered by the Florida Global University respond to the demand of professionals in decisive areas to enrich the social and cultural environment jointly with the material welfare of the contemporary society. To comply with this commitment, the Florida Global University curriculum maintains an inclusive sense of the scientific, humanistic and technical knowledge, in appreciation for multicultural values, which turns the FGU graduates into professionals able to achieve high performance within a global context.

Undergraduate Programs

The academic offer of Florida Global University, Bachelor level, covers the following areas:

Business Administration, mentions:

  • General Administration
  • Finance

Information Technology, mentions:

  • Networking
  • Engineering and Technology
  • Software Development

Digital Journalism

General Requirements of Degree

  • In general, FGU degree requirements match those required for regular students of any US college education institution, and specifically require:
  • Approve the 120 credit hours of the respective program of which, correspond:
  • 36 hours credit to the general education component
  • 69 hours credit to the professional component
  • 15 hours credit at the selected mention
  • Obtain a minimum grade point average of 2.00 points (category C)