Graduate ProgramsMasters

The Master Degree studies have always played a fundamental role in the development processes. This role has currently gone in depth, when societies have turned more complex creating a high dependence on the specialized knowledge and on the intellectual work. In pursing it, Florida Global University offers Master Degree studies addressed to promote intellectual creation in the technical and humanistic fields in decisive areas for the human, social and economical development.

Graduate Programs

The academic offer of Florida Global University, Master level, covers the following areas:

Business Administration (MBA), mentions:

  • General Administration
  • Finance

Administration of Information Technologies, mentions:

  • Redes
  • Security

Bilingual Education, mentions:

  • Bilingual Multicultural Education
  • Administration of Bilingual Education

Digitalization, mentions:

  • Digital Journalism
  • Digital Experience and Innovation
  • E-Government and New Media

Requirements for Graduation

  • To approve the 36 credit hours of the respective program of which correspond:
  • 24 hours credit to the deepening component in the respective discipline
  • 12 hours credit at the selected mention
  • Obtain a minimum grade point average of 3.00 points (category B)
  • At least 27 credit hours in FGU (requirement for students who have entered FGU by credit transfer)