Master of Science in Bilingual Education

Major in Bilingual  Education Administration


The Master’s Degree in Bilingual Education prepares students to serve as administrators in bilingual and multicultural schools by providing the tools to overcome the challenges of school management. It is designed to help meet the current demand for experts in the area of bilingual education in order to create higher quality education systems for all and to have a leadership role in the school and district, increasing educational opportunities and access to education. workplace for second language students and their families.


In the Master of Bilingual Education, Major: Administration of the Bilingual Education, professionals gained the required knowledge to boost bilingual education through the excellence teaching practice that incorporates the cognitive and psychological processes through which bilingualism develops, at the same time they know the operation of bilingual centers.


  • Undergraduates:
    Applicants who completed a bachelor degree issued by a national or foreign higher-education institute.
  • Not completed studies:
    Graduate applicants who did not complete a master degree program and have official transcripts from studies issued by national or foreign higher-education institution who want to get credit transfer for recognition of prior learning from other universities.


  • Bachelor degree issued by a national or a foreign higher-education institution.
  • Official transcripts (only for applicants with prior uncompleted master degree studies who require academic credit transfer from other national or foreign higher-education institution).
  • Valid identification (citizen ID or passport for foreign citizens).
  • Proof of admission and registration fees payment.


  • Official transcripts and degrees issued by foreign university education institutions must have the corresponding legal translation (this requirement has to be processed by the applicant).
  • Official transcripts and degrees issued by foreign university education institutions must have the certification issued by a credential evaluation agency accredited in the United States for recognition of international education qualifications (this process is managed by FGU).


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